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  • “Something Important”, João Fazenda

    We’ve all been through a similar situation as the one portrayed in Something Important : we wake up and think ‘Today I need to do something, something important’. We carry on with the day, as our mind pushes this thought further and further away and other tasks keep getting in the way. By the end of the […]

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  • Noite by Flávio Pires

    This award-winning short (Best Film at Córtex – Sintra Short Film Festival 2012, National Competition) by Flávio Pires is a poignant depiction of a man – also played by Flávio Pires -, who spends his nights between the concert rooms where he performs with his band and the room where his sick grandmother lies waiting […]

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  • ‘Julian’, António da Silva

    Julian’ (2012) is an experimental biographical piece about two men – Julian and António – who disconnected themselves from the anxious city, and allowed their spirits to be taken by nature.

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  • ‘Kali, the Little Vampire’ directed by Regina Pessoa


    ‘Kali, the Little Vampire’ is another touching animated story about belonging and self-acceptance by Regina Pessoa. Kali is a little boy-vampire who, unlike all the other boys, lives alone in the shadows, envious of the bright life others live under the sun.

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