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  • Malacca SupperClub Experience

    • Food&Wine
    • Friday 23rd January 2015
    • The Portuguese Conspiracy
    • From: - 7:30 pm
    • Tickets £40 p/person
    After our first field trip to Goa, it's time for Kei de Freitas do lead us again in a journey...destination: Malacca! Buy Tickets
  •   “In my culture, food is what connects people and is all about sharing, it’s present in all occasions” Kei de Freitas


    Cocktail “Portonic” A delightfully refreshing cocktail with Portuguese White Port, tonic and mint.

    Mushroom with black pepper sauce) cooked with garlic, onion, cream, wine, and black pepper served with spinach.

    Main Course

    Mallaca Portuguese Caril Debal cooked with fresh ginger and garlic, red chilli, lemon grass, candel nuts, potato, cabbage, carrot, soya and lots of vinegar. Very spicy!


    Kei’s Family Dessert Surprise- Eggs, almonds, almond wine and chocolate… Dessert Goa -  the portuguese conspiracy

    Wine pairing
    In addition to the delicious welcome PortTonic cocktail, we’ll be pairing each one of Kei’s faboulous food with the finest Portuguese wines: Along with the Welcome Cocktail, we’ll have one glass with the starters, one glass for the main , and for the grand finale, a chilled Tawny Port (Niepoort) to match the almonds and chocolate based dessert.

    The Eurasian Cuisine
    Four centuries ago, the Portuguese went to Goa, Malacca and Macau and they had to devise find alternatives that could substitue some of the original ingredients of their cuisine. Instead of Portuguese chouriço, they would use Chinese sausage, instead of cream they would use coconut milk, and so forth. 

For the Eurasian people, Western food was too bland, so they added ingredients such as lemon grass, kaffir lime and ginger, whilst at the same time, still incorporating the Portuguese ingredients like vinegar and mustard. They made it different from the Portuguese or Asian cuisine – they made it Eurasian cuisine, which you can now find in Macau, Goa, Malacca, Singapore and East Timor, and now at the Portuguese Conspiracy Delicatessen

    Chef Kei de Freitas
    Kei has spent many years adapting his traditional cuisine into exquisite vegetarian dishes, always thriving to innovate whilst keeping a close eye on the his Portuguese and Eurasian background. All of Kei’s food is freshly cooked from scratch and served in the traditional Portuguese and Eurasian way, where you share with everyone at the table. When you leave you won’t feel like you’ve just had dinner – you’ll feel like you have just made new friends.

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