“Something Important”, João Fazenda


We’ve all been through a similar situation as the one portrayed in Something Important : we wake up and think ‘Today I need to do something, something important’. We carry on with the day, as our mind pushes this thought further and further away and other tasks keep getting in the way. By the end of the day, we realize we haven’t had a single moment to do that one important thing and we go to bed hoping we’ll do it the next day.

Something Important directed by João Fazenda, based on an original script by João Paulo Cotrim, is an animated short that tells the story of a skinny man that keeps postponing his ‘important thing’ for what seems like a never-ending day (or year).

The type of animation created by Fazenda is simple and minimalistic but the movie deals with an important aspect of our life – how one can’t avoid falling into a routine that feels overwhelming against the important things that don’t seem to fit in the pre-determined day that society forces on us.

João Fazenda was born and raised in Lisbon. He started his career still in high school as a comic book artist and went on to study Painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Lisbon. Nowadays, he splits his work between illustration, drawing, animation, comics and painting.

João Paulo Cotrim,  also from Lisbon, is a screenwriter for animation movies and has also written novels and poetry.