Conspirative Specials 2nd-5th October 2014

New Arrivals at The Portuguese Conspiracy Wine Bar


Arroz de Pato - The Portuguese Conspiracy

After a swift and rapidly vanishing success of our “Arroz de Pato” last Saturday, and by public request we’ve made this a “Sticky” special- Everyday Thursday, there’s Arroz de Pato at the Conspiracy. Bookings are advisable, as this is made in very small quantities (Rita cooks this the old fashioned way).

Friday / Saturday & Sunday 

Bacalhau com Natas - The Portuguese Conspiracy

To match the robust Arroz de Pato we’ve got a new arrival from Rui Madeira’s fantastic range, the  superb Beyra Superior Red 2012 and it’s White 2012 sibling,  a perfect companion for  Rita’s amazing oven  cooked “Bacalhau com Natas”- on Friday.  Saturday its time for a Empadão de Alheira, another magnificent take on the “Alheira’s” extraordinary flavours.

Our first wine from the Dão – Casa de Mouraz Tinto

Last but not least, our first (of many to come) wines from the Dão Region, the Casa de Mouraz Red 2010- A delicious and elegant organic /biodynamic red blend made out of  Tinta Roriz, Touriga Nacional, Alfrocheiro, Jaen..and Água Santa,  an absolute grape variety premiere here at TPC Wine Shop. Enjoy!

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