Conspirative Specials 9/12th October

Arroz de Pato - The Portuguese Conspiracy

Thursday 9th October

After a swift and rapidly vanishing success of our “Arroz de Pato” last Saturday, and by public request we’ve made this a “Sticky” special- Everyday Thursday, there’s Arroz de Pato at the Conspiracy. Bookings are advisable, as this is made in very small quantities (Rita cooks this the old fashioned way).


We’re closed during the evening for our Live concert at the Pill box Kitchen – SOLD OUT

Saturday & Sunday 

Carne de Porco Assada com Ameixas.

Carne Assada c/ Ameixas

Last but not least, the wines:  Anselmo Mendes is in the house.

Yep, we know It’s not summer anymore, but we actually don’t care. For us vinho Verde is made to drink all year long (it’s just better than all other wines in summer,  specially if it’s one of Anselmo Mendes, the  master of all things “alvarinho”;  Muros Antigos, Muros Antigos Escolha, Muros de Melgaço and Curtimenta, are all available now to buy online,  drink in or take away home, along with some other Portuguese Delicacies.

Check out al the details on this week’s Food and Wine specials below

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