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  • February 2013
  • Wine Stories: Quinta da Palmirinha Loureiro 2010

    Roman Gonitel tells us his Portuguese Story, about his first encounter with Fernando Paiva’s wines and biodynamics at Quinta da Palmirinha: The first time I experienced Fernando’s wines was on a beautiful sunny morning: It was late November, it was was fresh but you could still feel the warmth of the early sun just starting to warm […]

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  • Take a look at some of the latest from Portuguese Designers at the “MANIPULATING SURFACE: PORTUGUESE CRAFTSMANSHIP”

    Portuguese Embassy, 11 Belgrave Square, SW1X 8PP The Portuguese Embassy presents an exhibition showcasing emerging Portuguese Fashion Designers, featuring creations from both established names to recent graduates and fashion students. Curated by Xenia Capacete Caballero, this exhibition is part of the International Fashion Showcase 2013, developed by the British Council in collaboration with the British […]

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  • Ramiro Leite & Colin Sommervell Conspiracy Duo

    There will be food, wine, and yes friends, there will be music: For the first gathering of the conspiracy we’ve challenged Jazz guitarist Ramiro Leite to lead and “orchestrate” the meeting’s musical plot. So, as all good things, conspiracies come in duos (pretty complex stuff to conspire all by yourself wouldn’t you say?). The Ramiro Leite […]

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  • Pão-de-ló de Alfeizeirão (a very sweet mistake).

    Photo by Ilidia @maisacrequedoce Alfeizeirão has one of the most popular “pão-de-ló” (sponge cake) recipes in Portugal, and its fame expands far beyond the borders of the region where it is baked. Unlike other “Spong-cakes” this “Pão-de-Ló” is not dry, no Sir! Beneath it’s top crust lies a scrumptious egg crème filling that will knock-you-out of your […]

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  • The Alheira’s “undercover” pleasure.

    Traditionally smoked, it owes it’s name to one of its main ingredients: Alho (garlic) and was originally conceived to deceive the 15th century Portuguese Catholic inquisition, the “Alheira” worked out to be the perfect camouflage for the northeastern’s (Trás-os-montes) Portuguese Jewish communities that would make “sausages” out of chicken, rabbit, duck or veal (instead of the fire cooked pork sausage) […]

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