The Alheira’s “undercover” pleasure.


Traditionally smoked, it owes it’s name to one of its main ingredients: Alho (garlic) and was originally conceived to deceive the 15th century Portuguese Catholic inquisition, the “Alheira” worked out to be the perfect camouflage for the northeastern’s (Trás-os-montes) Portuguese Jewish communities that would make “sausages” out of chicken, rabbit, duck or veal (instead of the fire cooked pork sausage) and thus, fooling the inquisiteurs into believing they were traditional, pork-loving catholics. Smart no?…and tasty :-) For it’s historical qualities, as well as for it’s amazing taste, and intrinsically conspirative nature, we’ve selected the “Alheira” as one of the main ingredients of the first main course of our 1st Wine&Supper Club.

Photo by Ana Moura @ TapasnaLíngua