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  • Indie Lisboa Film Sessions

    • Film
    • Friday 7th November 2014
    • Pill box Kitchen
    • 7pm - 7:00 pm
  • IndieLisboa Film Sessions - The Portuguese Conspiracy


    The Indie Lisboa Sessions are now “condensed” into a one day screening of all films on Firday the 7th of November. Please check programme details below:

    7th of November

    7:00pm – Doors Open – Time for some Eating and Drinking!

    8:15pm “Terra” de Pedro Lino
    2013, Experimental Documentary, 12



    The powerful animal breathes and bellows in the shadows. Outside, everyone waits for him: they talk, scream, eat, drink. The show will begin. (M. C.)

    “A god of horns and testicles, that after each fight and each victory, its worshipers greet with applause, cheers and tenderness. A god whose devotees love, without asking for any miracles but strength and fertility, which is proven to all, infants, youth and old.”

    Miguel Torga, Journals, 1968

    8:30pm -“Varadouro” de Paulo Abreu, Joao da Ponte
    2013, Experimental Documentary, 10′


    VaradouroSet on the island of Faial, Azores, “Varadouro” travels around the natural pools of the region in a documentary that from one moment to the other wins a mythological dimension.

    10:25pm – Alentejo, Alentejo – Sérgio Trefaut
    Documentary – 100′


    Best Portuguese Feature-length Film Award
    TAP Award  Best Portuguese Documentary

    Alentejo Alentejo

    Alentejo, South of Portugal.

    Dozens of amateur a capella polyphonic choirs gather regularly to sing old polyphonic songs and new lyrics about present times. This is ´cante´. Born in the taverns and in the fields, sung by miners and peasants, ´cante´ was transmitted from generation to generation. This film is a journey into present Portugal, discovering ´cante´ music, and the life of the performers who seem to express the deep voice of the Earth.

    Following international recognition of Fado, Portugal recently submitted to UNESCO the polyphonic songs of the Alentejo, known as Cante Alentejano, or just Cante, as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.
    This film will be a journey into the hot Alentejo countryside (Southern region of Portugal) discovering Cante music and the life of its performers.

    10:40pm – “Torres e Cometas” de Goncalo Tocha

    2012, Documentary, 60′


    Torres e Cometas
    With the city of Guimarães as a theme, Towers & Comets is the new film by Gonçalo Tocha, with sound by Didio Pestana. The city, the cradle of Portugal, was where Afonso Henriques declared independence and the birth of a new nation, in 1128. As part of its celebration as European Capital of Culture, this is one of several films that looked inside the city. Like a comet, Tocha hits the city and traces the origins: in holy figures, monuments, landmarks and music.

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