We are an independent Creative Platform.

With professional backgrounds as diverse as Biology, Teaching, Fashion, Management, Design and Finance, (to name a few) and aesthetical influences ranging from classical music to progressive Metal, and Indie Rock, the shared love for good food, wine and culture brought The Portuguese Conspiracy team together to contaminate London with the richness of an amazing, vibrant, and dynamic Portuguese contemporary cultural scene.

We’re moved by the desire to deliver a different view: Portugal is not only about debt and deficit. Despite today’s deep social and economical hardships, the country is bursting with creativity, and a fresh breath of ideas, unique points of view, and artistic manifestations are opening new paths into Portuguese contemporary culture. We believe these dimensions play a critical role in shaping the country’s future, as building blocks of positive social, cultural and economical development. Our mission is to showcase and empower this immense creative potencial, and most importantly, having great fun in the process of doing so.

The backstage of The Portuguese Conspiracy's first Supperclub(above) Backstage: The Conspiracy Team after the 1st Supper Club on the 28th May 2013. Foto by: Ana Faro

Portuguese food: How it all started.

And then, there is the food: Oh, the food! We are backed up by a long, long tradition of sharing amazing meals, across hours and hours of conversation around a table, and  if we’re not eating, we’re probably thinking or talking about it. We started plotting the first conspirative plans, back in January 2013, and soon after, The Portuguese Conspiracy Supper Club emerged as the natural way of showcasing the diversity and richness of our cuisine and wines. The first edition, at the L’Atelier in Dalston gathered 31 guests from a broad range of nationalities to experience Portuguese food and wine in a highly informal, laid back atmosphere. It was a night to remember for all the good reasons! The success of the Supper Club’s first edition encouraged us to keep moving forward, and expand the Conspiracy’s plot.

The months that followed we’re  simply amazing, hectic, and surprising! Month after month, our events programme with Concerts, Film Sessions, Festivals, Illustration exhibitions, and off course the Supper Club. The generosity and enthusiasm  of those following and attending our events, and the growing interest and curiosity in our project and Portuguese contemporary culture and food, prompted us to follow up on a long time aspiration: 9 months after it all started, The portuguese Conspiracy sets up it’s own headquarters in Dalston with the TPC Delicatessen.

The Portuguese Conspiracy Supper Club(above) The Portuguese Conspiracy Supperclub: The 2nd Edition at the Dead Dolls Club, Dalston.  Foto by: Alexandra Palmeiro

A creative business model.

Along with the ongoing conspirative endeavours around food and wine, a big part of our mission is to showcase the work of new and upcoming Portuguese musicians, film makers, architects, designers and artists, in the the heart of East London’s creative hub, and to open up new pathways for these creatives to showcase their work in a wider european cultural scene.

We believe this is an effort of persistence and above all, a long term commitment to deliver great events to a diverse audience in a regular, sustainable basis. Our approach is therefore, more around creating small, up-and close experiences, that can reach smaller audiences in a meaningful way, rather than trying to massively broadcast our message.

Jiboia + Sequin - The Portuguese Conspiracy(above) Jibóia and Sequin opening up for The Legendary Tigerman. Foto by: Alexandra Palmeiro

Along with the hard work from all the Conspiracy’s members, that consistently devote their time and effort to make the TPC’s events happen, the main financial fuel for the Conspiracy’s events programme comes either from the events themselves, or from the proceedings from the Delicatessen. These profits are used to help sustain the Conspiracy’s ongoing events programme . Whenever you attend any of our events, or shop from us at the Delicatessen, you will be actively supporting our events programme, and therefore playing a fundamental role in our mission of spreading and promoting Portuguese creativity. We want you to join us, to eat, drink and conspire with us in this quest for mouth watering world domination!

The Portuguese Conspiracy Delicatessen

For the past years, during our visits to Portugal, again and again, we never ceased to be surprised with the quality and uniqueness of the amazing products and brands that we found: The influence of an highly creative and ambitious new generation started to have a clear influence in how products we’re designed, produced, and made their way to market.

The growing number of  small producers making unique, high quality products, as well as established brands with a new vision on long lasting traditions and materials, inspired us to create an unique, intimate space in East London were all of these new ideas and products, could be experienced first hand, along with fresh high quality Portuguese food and wines.

On the 2nd of November 2013, the Delicatessen opened up it’s doors and since then we’re building a strong relationship with the local community, by showcasing a diverse selection of Portugal’s best gourmet and delicatessen novelties (along with traditional Portuguese best-sellers, such as the famous “Pasteis de Nata”, and to promote the outstanding diversity, quality and uniqueness of Portuguese Wines.

The Portuguese Conspiracy Delicatessen - Magusto 2013