Ramiro Leite & Colin Sommervell Conspiracy Duo

There will be food, wine, and yes friends, there will be music: For the first gathering of the conspiracy we’ve challenged Jazz guitarist Ramiro Leite to lead and “orchestrate” the meeting’s musical plot. So, as all good things, conspiracies come in duos (pretty complex stuff to conspire all by yourself wouldn’t you say?). The Ramiro Leite & Sommervell conspiracy duo, will join us for a conversation over some original compositions, Jazz classics,  as well as other conspirative (and therefore unpredictable) musical explorations.



Ramiro Leite is a portuguese Jazz guitarist. Originally from Porto, we was first introduced to jazz in Lisbon, where he began his music studies and eventually became part of the local Jazz scene. In 2004  he moved to  Rotterdam to progress his musical studies and performing career, as well as to further grasp the opportunity to play with musicians from all over the word in different kinds of formations from Big-Bands to small ensembles. For this concert he meets fellow jazz musician Colin Sommervell, an Anglo-Chilean bass player based in London, for a conversation over some original compositions and  jazz classics.


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