‘Kali, the Little Vampire’ directed by Regina Pessoa


‘Kali, the Little Vampire’ is another touching animated story about belonging and self-acceptance by Regina Pessoa. Kali is a little boy-vampire who, unlike all the other boys, lives alone in the shadows, envious of the bright life others live under the sun. Just like the moon steals a bit of light from the sun every day, so does Kali take ‘little pieces’ from the boys around him to feel as if he is one of them – light, he believes, will bring him the identity and freedom he longs for. Until the day he understands how the darkness allows him to positively impact the life of others.



Born in Coimbra, and a graduate in Oporto University of Fine Arts, Regina Pessoa started working in Filmógrafo  an Animation Studio in Oporto created in 1987 with an amateurish backbone and a dedicated heart – in 1992, where she collaborated in several movies by Abi Feijó.

In 1999, she shot her first short, A Noite (“The Night”), by filming her engravings on plaster using 35mm film. This is the first part of her trilogy of films about childhood, and deals with a little girl’s fear of the dark and those who, in her mind, inhabit it.

In the second movie, Tragic Story with Happy Ending (2005), Pessoa combines the same technique filmed in A Noite – engraving, this time used on glossy paper -, and computer-assisted animations technique, to tell the story of a young girl’s acceptance of her own loud heartbeat and the way it affects the neighbourhood livelihood, while subtly brushing through subjects such as life and death.

Tragic Story with Happy Ending – co-produced by the Portuguese studio Ciclope, the French studio Folimage and the National Film Board of Canada – was selected and awarded at more than 50 international film festivals, having won the Cristal at the Annecy International Animation Film Festival – one of the most prestigious animation film festivals in the world.

Kali the Little Vampire, the third and last part of the trilogy, produced with funding coming from Portugal, France, Switzerland and Canada, was also screened at more than 20 international film festivals, and was nominated for Best Animated Short Subject at the 2012 Annie Awards, awarded by the International Animated Film Society.

Regina Pessoa is a member of Ciclope Filmes, a Portuguese Animation Society created by Abi Feijó in 2002.


Take a look at a making of clip of Regina Pessoa’s Kali the Little Vampire 


Face your fear of the darkness with Regina Pessoa’s first animated short A Noite.

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