This Saturday at The Clapton Festival


This Saturday we’ll be part of The Clapton Festival, a free festival to close the summer with live music, art, children’s activities and some of Clapton’s finest food and music, settled at 119 Lower Clapton from 6 pm, with the opening party of the Illustration and Photography exhibition “There is a Line” by Sara Westermann.

We’ve designed a delicious hardcore menu for this evening, with our dearest chef Elizabete Sousa who’s coming to join our next conspiracy.  No need to book, just walk-in and try the delicious food along with  a great selection of Portuguese wines and beers.

28th September, from 6pm onwards
119 Lower Clapton Road
London E5 0NP



Feijoada de Marisco 
Seafood and white bean stew served with rice

feijoada de marisco xx
It is a hearty and filling white bean stew (often made with pork) but with lots of variations across the country. This Seafood version, typical of the south, is made of a stew with onions, garlic, tomato and pepper, adding the sea flavours of the prawns, mussels, squids and small clams, with the boiled beans and a topping of coriander.
Altough Brazilians claim feijoada as their national dish, it’s history goes a long way back to the stews of the Portuguese regions of Extremadura, Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro.

Tarte de Alheira de Caça e Espinafres
Game “Alheira” & Spinach Pie with salad

tarte de alheira fatia 3_expThis delicious pie is made with Game Alheira and sauteed spinach nestled in a crispy puff pastry. Traditionally smoked, Alheira owes it’s name to one of its main ingredients: Alho (garlic) and was originally conceived to deceive the 15th century Portuguese Catholic inquisition, the “Alheira” worked out to be the perfect camouflage for the northeastern’s (Trás-os-montes) Portuguese Jewish communities that would make “sausages” out of chicken, rabbit, duck or veal (instead of the fire cooked pork sausage) and thus, fooling the inquisiteurs into believing they were traditional, pork-loving catholics. Smart no?…and tasty :-)

Tarte Vegetariana 
As an vegetarian option, we will have a spinach, ricotta and mushroom pie

Chicken Gizzards’ stew with toasts

moelas x
Among many other things, Portuguese cuisine is known by its ability of reduce the waste to the minimum, meaning Portuguese eat almost every part of the animals, including gizzards. Hardcore? Well maybe, but it’s surely a favourite among Portuguese snacks lovers: Going to a neighbourhood small cafe – aka “tasquinha” – and have a serving of gizzards along with a cold beer is one of those classics one cannot skip while in Portugal. An absolute must have!

Tiborna Platter(s)
Selection of Portuguese canned fish “Bruschettas”


A selection of four ‘tibornas’ designed to showcase a wide range of different combinations of canned fishes varieties and fine Portuguese chutneys.
Cavala com agridoce de citrinos
Mackerel in sweet and sour citrus bruschetta

This flavour experience will certainly please those who prefer exotic flavours. The succulent mackerel fillets topped with a slightly spicy citrus chutney will be a feast for the palate

Atum com mostarda de legumes
Mackerel in sweet and sour citrus bruschetta.

The mustard with vegetables embrace the tuna flakes, giving a fresh and balanced flavour between the ingredients; finished with a sublime touch of extra virgin olive oil and a “galega” olive on top.
Sardinhas com pesto de hortelã
Skinless and boneless sardines with mint pesto bruschetta.

Among the great variety of Portuguese tinned fish, the sardine occupies the most important place and you can’t go wrong with these in Portugal, they’re fantastic in every style. Embracing this emblematic Portuguese fish we found a fresh mint pesto, whose leaves come from our Serra da Estrela Natural Park.
Enguias fumadas com cebolinhas em molho de laranja
Smoked eels with pearl onions in orange syrup bruschetta. 

Eels’ smoked flavour is the chosen pairing for the pearl onions in orange syrup. Eels is a very popular culinary dish in Aveiro region, due to its natural habitat – Ria de Aveiro.



Pêras bêbedas com chocolate 
Pear in wine syrup, flaked almonds with melted chocolate


Pear with chocolate and pear cooked in red wine with spices are two common and well loved desserts in Portugal. In this particular case we’re using The “Rocha Pear”, a native juicy and sweet Portuguese variety identified in about 170 years ago (1836), it the municipality of Sintra, on the property of Mr. Pedro Rocha. As a means to preserve these pears all year long, they are boiled in red wine, sugar and cinnamon.

Tarte de Nata com maçã e canela
Giant custard tart with apple and cinnamon




Wine: Quinta dos Espinhosos, White, Minho 2012
Grape variety: Avesso, Chardonnay

The Espinhosos 2012, combines the grape varieties Avesso and Chardonnay, produced at this “quinta” by sustainable agriculture practices. It results in a wine with flavours of ripe fruit, great complexity and minerality. The presence of ripe tropical fruit notes and great minerality are the hallmarks of this Espinhosos 2012, whose complexity remains from harvest to harvest. It is fresh and fruity on the palate with a lingering finish. Aimed at the dining table.

Hobby, Red Tejo 2009
Grape Varieties: Touriga National, Cabernet, Syrah

“A warm, rich red berry flavour with an intense ruby color, complex aroma of ripe black fruit, spice and vanilla. In the mouth has good volume, the tannins are elegant and a long finish”