Christmas is around the corner and TPC can’t wait to host you on a 4 course meal to celebrate the season. Exquisite food with exquisite wine for the very first series of supper clubs at The Portuguese Conspiracy Deli. Along with the opportunity to visit the new space bursting with gourmet products from dedicated and creative producers from Portugal you will be able to invite a couple of friends and share your Christmas spirit. On a very intimate atmosphere we invite you to taste Rita’s very own version of what a perfect season meal is: a mix of the traditional with a dash of the contemporary. Dazzle yourself, pick your date, book your space. See you there!

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Vinho quente com especiarias
Mulled Wine

Mulled wine is always a must have for this season. This is our particular version of the warm sweet full of flavour wine we all love to have for Christmas. Based of Portuguese quality red and immersed in the cinnamon and apple flavors mixed with the citric sour it’s the perfect starting point for getting deep into the spirit.

Tostas de Queijo de cabra e Mel de alho 
Goat cheese toast with Garlic honey

This cured cheese made from raw goat milk is traditional from the Estremadura-Ribatejo region and it’s the perfect partner for the soft honey with garlic. Toasts layered with these two wonders of the palate mixing the strong flavour of the cheese with the sweetness of the honey manufactured in the north of Portugal.


Main Courses

Bacalhau no forno com pinhões e passas
Roasted salted cod with pine nuts and raisins

The salted dried cod, sliced potatoes and onions baked with raisins from Portuguese grapes are sprinkled with pine nuts as the ultimate touch. Mingled with our delicious olive oil it’s a temptation to the senses.

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Mil Folhas de Alheira com migas de espinafres e ovo 
Game “Alheira” layered with spinach mash and egg on top

The salted garlic flavoured “alheira” and the spinach are the base for the runny egg that colours the top of this delight. A creative and delicious dish that will feed your stomach and your eyes!


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Bolo de nozes, castanhas e chocolate
Walnut, chestnut and chocolate cake

Three ingredients get together to celebrate the final part of the meal. The balanced quantity of walnuts, chestnuts and chocolate is carefully measured to reach the absolute texture and savour that will fulfill your flair.

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