Summer’s Last Dinner Party

Another conspiracy meeting and this time it’ll be a happy joint venture with our dearest “conspirator” partners: Gourmandisse. They act as magical sorcerers, searching the whole country for the best handmade delicacies, to combine unique and exquisite flavours.

1017597_281583128654970_1508709695_nPhoto by Gilberto Figueiredo

The Menu:
Espumante Rose “Marquês de Marialva” 
Welcome glass of rose sparkling wine 

Tibornas de conservas 
Selection  of Portuguese “Bruschettas” with canned fish

It is very recent, but canned fish has gone gourmet in Portugal. Several gourmet shops have been popping up in major cities such as Lisbon and Porto, not just selling your typical wine and cheese, but also revamped, quality brand canned fish, wrapped in delightfully artistic packaging and boxes.  Portugal has a long history of preserving fish. It was during the Iron Age when the method of preserving fish in sea salt was introduced to the Iberian Peninsula and used by the Phoenicians, Greeks and Carthaginians, followed by the Romans.

We’ll showcase a Canned Fish Tasting, the perfect challenge to drive you through a complete sensory experience.You will have a selection of four ‘tibornas’ to taste a whole range of different canned fishes.

Tiborna cavala com agridoce de citrinos
Mackerel in sweet and sour citrus bruschetta

image description

This flavour experience will certainly please those who prefer exotic flavours. The succulent mackerel fillets topped with a slightly spicy citrus chutney will be a feast for the palate

Tiborna de atum com mostarda de legumes
Tuna fillets in mustard with vegetables  & olives bruschetta

DSC_5400 EE

The mustard with vegetables (like celery, carrots, cucumber, red and green pepper, ..) embrace the tuna flakes, giving a fresh and balanced flavour between the ingredients; finished with a sublime touch of extra virgin olive oil and a “galega” olive on top.

Tiborna de sardinhas com pesto de hortelã
Skinless and boneless sardines with mint pesto bruschetta

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Among the great variety of Portuguese tinned fish, the sardine occupies the most important place and you can’t go wrong with these in Portugal, they’re fantastic in every style. To help you appreciate this beautiful combination we selected a special skinless and boneless sardine preserve in olive oil. Embracing this emblematic Portuguese fish we found a fresh mint pesto, whose leaves come from our Serra da Estrela Natural Park.

Tiborna de enguias fumadas com cebolinhas em molho de laranja
Smoked eels with pearl onions in orange syrup bruschetta

Eels’ smoked flavour is the chosen pairing for the pearl onions in orange syrup.
Eels is a very popular culinary dish in Aveiro region, due to its natural habitat – Ria de Aveiro; we refer to it as Ria, meaning that this estuary is the result of the retreat of the sea, with the formation of coastal strands that from the sixteenth century, created a lagoon, which is one of the most important and beautiful hydrographic accidents of the Portuguese coast.

Quinta dos Espinhosos, White, Minho 2012
The Espinhosos 2012, combines the grape varieties Avesso and Chardonnay, produced at this “quinta” by sustainable agriculture practices. It results in a wine with flavours of ripe fruit, great complexity and minerality. The presence of ripe tropical fruit notes and great minerality are the hallmarks of this Espinhosos 2012, whose complexity remains from harvest to harvest. It is fresh and fruity on the palate with a lingering finish. Aimed at the dining table.
Grape variety: Avesso, Chardonnay


Espetadas de porco preto e chouriço com migas de coentros
Chargrilled Iberian Black Pig and Chorizo Skewers with coriander bread stew

2013 21-08

Historically preserved in Portugal, the Alentejo Black pig presents dark skin and dark trotters and long, thin legs. The Alentejo Black Pig walks long distances over the region’s oak forests ensuring more consistent and all round growth and, as a result, thinner legs. Grazing in total freedom for between 14 and 16 months, where grazing resources are scarce, it walks 2 to 3 ha per day in search of available food – acorns and grass.
As it is not crossed with other breeds it has a greater genetic capacity for infiltration of intramuscular fat. This explains the characteristic white marble-like veins that give the meat its moist and unique taste and aroma.
This pork is amazingly light, mild and just plain delicious.

(vegetarian or fish alternatives available)

Hobby, Red, Alentejano 2010
A warm, rich red berry flavour with an intense ruby colour, complex aroma of ripe black fruit, spice and vanilla. In the mouth has good volume, the tannins are elegant with a long finish.
Grape variety: Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Touriga Nacional


Pêras bêbedas com chocolate
Pear in wine syrup, flaked almonds with melted chocolate


Pear with chocolate and pear cooked in red wine with spices are two common and well loved desserts in Portugal. For this dessert we’d selected the Rocha Pear, a native Portuguese variety of pear very juicy and sweet.
About 170 years ago (1836), it was identified in the municipality of Sintra, on the property of Mr. Pedro Rocha. This different pear with unusual fruit qualities, whose original name is now the “Pera Rocha do Oeste” is concentrated in the coastline from Sintra to Leiria.
As a means to preserve these pears all year long, they started to be boiled in red wine, sugar and cinnamon. As any fine food recipe, it is advised that the wine used for cooking should be the same you’re going to drink it with. So to preserve these pears, it’s used a very good quality red wine from the West region on Portugal – Bombarral.

Querco “LBV” Port
Produced exclusively from the harvest of 2003 and bottled four years later, LBV Port is ready for enjoying. Nevertheless, due to its full body, it will continue its ageing process in bottle for many years. Its present shade of deep ruby, characteristic of its early years. Strong concentration of black fruit such as plum or cherry, with hints of smoke and anise. A touch of violet becomes discernible after a few minutes. On the palate, smooth and soft with notes of blueberry, earth, raspberry and hints of pepper. Excellent acidity with great length and a sweet finish.
Grape Variety: Touriga Nacional (30%), Touriga Franca (25%), Tinta Roriz (15%).

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