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  • The Portuguese Conspiracy Supperclub: Vitor Claro + Dominó & Friends

    • Food&Wine ,   Supperclub
    • Saturday 3rd October 2015
    • Clerckenwell Kitchen
    • From: - 7:00 pm
    • Price p/ person - £50.00
    Next 3rd of October, an unmissable opportunity to get in touch first hand with one of Portugal’s most irreverent, and interesting young talents, at the kitchen and at the vineyard.
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  • The Portuguese Conspiracy Supperclub is back!!!
    This time with the amazing Vitor Claro at the wheel, driving us trough an amazing journey around food, memory, and off course his fantastic Dominó wines!

    “Creativity (in the Kitchen) is about creating  pleasure, it’s about creating joy. At best, it’s about creating emotions… emotions you can eat and smell.”

    Vitor Claro

    It was Vitor’s writings (and writings about him) that we first encountered, and immediately we were struck by his ability to be “approachable” and make himself understood, without loosing the capacity to provoke and captivate with intelligence and wit. The talent to talk about complex things in a way that is simultaneously lean, and full of substance. The ability to truly captivate.

    Menu for the evening!

    Aphros Loureiro 2014 , Vinho Verde
    Bacalhau à conde da Guarda
    Codfish á la “Conde da Guarda” – One of Vitor’s Classics.

    Vale da Capucha Gouveio 2013, Lisboa (Branco)
    Carapau Algarvio Alimado 
    Lemon infused “Algarve” Horse Mackerel

    Aphros Amphora 2014 (Loureiro& Vinhão) (New!!)
    Caldo de Peixe assado à Portuguesa
    Portuguese Roast, Fish Stew

    António Madeira Vinhas Velhas 2012, Dão
    Arroz de Chouriço de sangue e atum fresco
    Fresh Tuna, and Chouriço Rice.

    Dominó Branco e Tinto 2012 , Alentejo.
    Cozido de grão e carnes de porco
    Chick Pea and Pork Stew.

    “Creativity is the ability to create solutions from problems, it’s also the ability to create the right problem.”


    A few months after we first read about Vitor, we got an invitation to meet him, courtesy of our friends at Les Caves du Pyrenne. Vitor was showcasing his wines, and he cooked for us a grand meal: Sitting at the table along with Vitor himself, we we’re drawn by the honesty and “transparency” of his food, and Vitor’s talent to invoke much more than what meets the “eye”. The art to take the time, to create, suggest and invoke memories and emotions without taking the easy way out, and impress with the “complicated” and superfluous. The courage to strive for pleasure and simplicity.

    Vitor ClaroPhoto by Alfredo Matos

    Being a Chef (that got the bug for wine), you would imagine Vitor to think of wines as a sort of supporting role for his food, but yet again, Vitor never aims for the easy: he has taken the matter in his own hands (as you can see above) and started making is own wine in 2010. And what wines they are! Dominó (white and red) are tense, fresh and vibrant wines, with incredible personality and grip, clearly expressing the unique terroir where they come from, the Serra de S. Mamede in Alentejo. A clear intent to express more, by intervening less, and letting the “materials” express their origins and memories.

    Blend_all_about_wine_Domino_By_Vitor_Claro3Dominó – Photo by Ilkka Sirén – Blend  | All Rights Reserved

    One of the most exciting red wines in Portugal at the moment. Stellar.

    Ilkka Sirén – Blend

    Next 3rd of October, Vitor will be with in London at the Clerckenwell Kitchen to share his thoughts, cooking and wines with us! An unmissable opportunity to get in touch first hand with one of Portugal’s most irreverent, and interesting young talents, at the kitchen and at the vineyard.

    Join us for a fun, laid back, night with Vitor Claro and his quest for the uncomplicated.

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