Showcasing Music, Cinema, Short Films, Live music, Food, Wine, and everything in between, we're bound to contaminate East London with the richness and diversity of Portuguese Creativity.

  • 1st Anniversary

    • Supperclub
    • Saturday 29th March 2014 - Sunday 30th March 2014
    • The Dalston Boys Club
    • 8:00 pm
    • 2:00 am
    Celebrating the conspiracy's 1st year. A year full of food, art, music, cinema and other slightly subversive plans for world domination. To celebrate this industrious (and amazing) year, we return with the TPC’s original format, the Portuguese Conspiracy Supper Club. An unforgettable dining experience bound to immerse its guests in an unique feast of flavours and good old Portuguese good vibes.
  • The Portuguese Conspiracy Supperclub - 29th March 2014 at The Dalston Buys Club

    Saturday, 29th March

    Back in  February last year, we set out to contaminate London with the richness of Portuguese Food and Contemporary Culture. It has been a busy year indeed. With everyone’s amazing support we’ve managed to make some great things happen: Film festivals, Concerts, Exhibitions, and along the way, opening our own conspirative headquarter ( The TPC Delicatessen).

    The Supper club is a laid-back, highly informal (to say the least) way of getting to know Portuguese Food and Wines in a great atmosphere. This time, we’re set to occupy the Dalston Boys Club and following the 4 course meal, it’s time for TPC’s 1st Anniversary party. As a digestive measure we strongly advise you to stick around and make use of the dance floor, as we’ve got some funky tunes lined up to help you sweat those calories until 2am. We are delighted to light the very first candle and bite it hard for luck for many many years to come! Come and Join us!


    Cocktail “Portonic”
    A delightfully refreshing cocktail with Portuguese White Port, tonic and mint.


    Clams in white wine sauce with lemon and coriander
    Ameijoas à Bulhão Pato

    Clams are spread across the pan and seasoned with garlic, olive oil, white wine and coriander. Once they open slowly to find this fragrant mix, the sauce wraps them carefully and brings us the richness of the best at sea. This is the standard way of serving clams in Portugal, named after the 19th century poet Raimundo António de Bulhão Pato; a simple recipe which brings out the full flavour in the freshest shellfish. Usually served as a starter with toasted bread, the meatiness of the clams with the lemon and coriander is a real flavour burst in the start of any meal.

    Main Courses

    Octopus Feijoada
    Feijoada de Polvo

    A delicious bean stew cooked in the very traditional tomato and onion Portuguese style. This typical dish is also very present in former Portuguese colonies and its original recipe includes fresh pork instead of octopus. The octopus here is accurately boiled to reach the desired tenderness and pinkness and the ending result is absolutely yummy!


    Roasted Pork - The Portuguese Conspiracy

    Roast pork loin stuffed with Portuguese sausage “farinheira”served with roasted chestnuts and sprouts mash
    Lombo de porco recheado com farinheira, servido com castanhas e esparregado de grelos

    The pork tenderloin is marinated in wine, garlic, spices, pepper paste and then roasted slowly, resulting in a very rich, tender meat and salty juices. Stuffed with farinheira, a smoked sausage made mainly from wheat flour, pork and seasonings (white wine, paprika, salt and pepper).


    Toffee Meringue Tart
    Tarte de Baba de Camelo Merengada

    Don’t let its funny name fool you: this “camel’s drool” based tart is a very popular dessert made with condensed milk, that turns into a toffee cream that deriving its taste from the caramelization of the milk. Simply delicious!

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