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  • Together: Filho da Mãe and Norberto Lobo

    • Food&Wine ,   Music
    • Thursday 27th November 2014
    • St. Matthias Church, Stoke Newington
    • Doors open: - 7:00 pm
    Norberto Lobo and Rui  Carvalho (FDM) lead the way of a new generation of Portuguese musicians who expand the boundaries of solo guitar music and live performance. Buy Tickets
  • An absolutely unique, and unmissable reunion of two extraordinary creative personalities: Norberto and Rui (FDM) lead the way, and represent  a new generation of Portuguese musicians who are expanding , and challenging the boundaries of solo guitar music and live performance.

    Noberto Lobo and Filho da Mae - Together at ST, Matthias Church - The Portuguese COnspiracy
    Poster Design by: Sara Westermann

    With firm foundations based on the heritage of solo Portuguese Guitar, (the “experimentalism” of Carlos Paredes compositions is such an example) both Norberto and Rui, each one with their distinct “musical”personality, are opening paths and discovering new images, sounds and narratives through their instruments.

    An evening of Music, Food and Wine.

    Because there’s really nothing like mixing all these three together, we’re back again with our fully “hedonistic” format of some of our previous music events. Along with the Norberto and Filho da Mae’s performance the evening will be filled with amazing range of Portuguese wines and Petiscos (Tapas) available.

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    St. Matthias Church – Location info – (also see map Below)

    Saint Matthias Church
    Wordsworth Rd
    London N16 8DD

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