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  • The Portuguese Conspiracy Screenings ‘COLO’, Teresa Villaverde at MK Gallery

    • Film
    • Saturday 27th July 2019
    • MK Gallery (Milton Keynes)
    • 8:00 pm
    A season of concerts and screenings throughout the Summer to complement Paula Rego: Obedience and Defiance. An MK Gallery Commission, with support by the Camões Institute
  • 27th July

    Teresa Villaverde
    Ficção 2017, Portugal, France, 135′

    Having picked up awards at Cannes, Venice, Valencia, and even the Golden Globes, Teresa Villaverde, one of Portugal’s most acclaimed directors, has presented “Colo” at the Berlinale official competition.
    Using the Portuguese word for “hug” as its title, the film starts with just that: a hug between two teenage lovers, though not a hug of fond tenderness, but rather one of sorrowful farewell, in an opening scene that will only later be explained as an integral part of the plot.

    “The film is a very present and almost serene reflection on our common path as European societies today, about our isolation, about our perplexity in the face of the difficulties that arise, about our life in the cities and within our families. It is a growing tension that never explodes.” (Teresa Villaverde)

    Paula Rego: Obedience and Defiance at MK Gallery

    13 June to 22 September 2019

    Showing works spanning her entire career since the 1960s, this will be the first major retrospective of Rego’s work in England for over 10 years. The exhibition includes previously unseen paintings and works on paper from the artist’s family and close friends, which reflect Rego’s perspective as a woman immersed in urgent social issues and current affairs.

    About the season:

    “The events programme for the exhibition has been deeply infused by Paula Rego’s independent spirit of defiance: Collaborative, diverse and explorative, the path trailed by the generation of artists present, has been opened up and enlightened by Paula Rego’s beacon of creative autonomy and freedom.

    We feel the programme is therefore, as much an atmospheric companion for the retrospective, as it is a tribute to Paula Rego’s deep, and long lasting influence in cutting through the thick air of Portugal’s “dusty” legacy of political dictatorship at many levels. Then and now, Paula’s fearless art touches, enlightens and expands.” 

    Generously supported by Camões Institute.

    Coming Next”‘

    10 August – Negra Branca + Filho da Mãe

    17 August – Short Film Sessions

    ‘The Mesh and the Circle’, Francisco Queimadela & Mariana Caló

    ‘The Artificial Humors’, Gabriel Abrantes

    ‘Flores’, Jorge Jácome

    24 August – Rafael Toral + Favela Discos

    7 September – Norberto Lobo + Tropa Macaca

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