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  • The Legendary Tigerman True Tour + Jiboia, Live Concert

    • Music
    • Friday 21st March 2014
    • Boston Music Room
    • Doors open - 7:00 pm
    The Legendary Tigerman debuting his new album "True" in London along with Jibóia's phychadelic rhythm's, this is poised to be a legendary night!

    Poster Tigerman - The Portuguese Conspiracy

    The Legendary Tigerman presenting his new album “True”  along with Jibóia’s psychedelic rhythm’s, a legendary night!

    LTM’s New Album: True

    True LTG - The Portuguese Conspiracy

    True LTG – The Portuguese Conspiracy

    “The title of this album is a four letter word that perfectly describes the contents. […] I could drop a bunch of names and make comparisons but The Legendary Tigerman is standing shoulder to shoulder with his influences these days. Let’s not ruffle preconception but I’d advocate that he’s actually surpassing them here and there. Authenticity isn’t worth a fuck if the music doesn’t come from the heart, especially now when anything can be faked with software of some description. “True” comprises the type of music that really has been known to save souls.” Lindsay Hutton


    Jiboia - The Portuguese Conspiracy

    Jiboia – The Portuguese Conspiracy

    In current language, Jibóia is a boa constrictor, a snake that crawls close to the human skin. In music, we infer the same: Jibóia crawls close to the human skin, reaching the brain, making us to show off our dance moves from hell.
    Óscar Silva is the one-man-artist behind this project: he loops, he plays with his pedals, he is the genius mind of Jibóia.
    Forget Marrakesh or the desert of Morocco: everything happens in Portugal with a guitar. You will experience, only with the sound, the bittersweet taste of kebab, while you move your feet, your body, your hand, your fingers… Mostly, you won’t be able to stop the movement. You will find yourself looking to the other side of the road, waiting for an actual snake to show up.


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