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  • 4 x 3 – The Portuguese Conspiracy Music Festival

    • Music
    • Saturday 1st October 2016 - Saturday 1st October 2016
    • Bones & Pearl (Seven Sisters)
    • Doors open - 6:00 pm
    • Until - 4:00 am
    • Tickets - £12
  • We’re back, and coming strong after  a invigorating summer, with no more, no less than a music festival!

    A small one it is, but still, a unique opportunity to see 4 fantastic acts, with 3 fresh new releases. Together with our friends Lovers and Lollypops we’ve cooked up a brilliant evening/night  with some of the most exciting independent Portuguese artists. From 6pm, all the way up to 4am (remember, there’s tube all night now :-)

    Filho da Mãe (Presenting his new album Mergulho)
    Jiboia (presenting Masala)
    Ricardo Martins
    Filho da Mãe + Ricardo Martins (Presenting Tormenta)

    And last but not the least:
    Colorau Som Sistema DJ Set (to get those bones shaking until 4am)



    Free falling, head diving into the earth’s core, into stone turned sea where crystals are formed. It was in search of the escape velocity of each stone’s gravity, where the cold is nowhere to be found, that  Rui Carvalho (FDM), recorded the songs in “Mergulho”, in Rendufe’s Monastery, in Amares, deep in the North of Portugal. In his new full-length record, Filho da Mãe became unstuck in time and diluted in the space surrounding him, making his music, so unique, as permeable as ever to the new his new condition — what he took, he returned more melodic, sweeter, challenging his previous outbursts. “Mergulho” is Filho da Mãe most adventurous endeavor, where organic and electronic clash in beautiful, mind-bending music, transforming modulation ino organic guitar sounds, and melody into texture.

    Jiboia ‘ Masala’

    Oscar Silva uses a collection of guitar effects to loop and modify the sound of his guitar to a point where it sounds like a full band. But don’t be fooled: Jibóia is a one man project. And although you might think you’ve heard and seen this trick before, Jibóia’s style is so surprising and unique that his label filed it under the genre ‘Prince of Persia on acid’. And that description is actually pretty much spot-on. Although he is Portuguese himself, Jibóia’s music is the dark, trippy electronic version of ancient Moroccan desert music to which standing still is impossible.”

    Masala” is JIBÓIA’s new skin, harsher and tougher than before, but shining as bright as ever with the same tropical spices serving as guide through a world without cultural borders.

    Ricardo Martins


    Ricardo first came on the scene as the drummer behind Adorno, Lobster, Cangarra and many of Portugal’s other finest bands. Winning hearts and minds, he has become one of the busiest and most respected drummers in the Portuguese music scene; currently he is the driving force behind three-piece post-punk outfit Papaya, while also working on side projects with frequent collaborators Jiboia and Filho da mãe.

    Ricardo still found time to team up with our London friends Jeff  for his eagerly anticipated first solo project. For an entire year, Jeff will release one song by Ricardo each month, leading up to a full length album to be released in 2017.

    Filho da Mae + Ricardo Martins ‘ Tormenta’

    Before his solo project “Filho da Mae’ with classical guitar,  Rui Carvalho played electric guitar in rock bands, like the cathartic and explosives If Lucy Fell.
    Together with the electrifying drummer Ricardo Martins, they’ve created ‘Tormenta’ through improvising sessions where drums and guitar are perfectly balanced.

    Dj Set Colorau Som Sistema

    We’ll have an after party with the spicy tunes of Colorau Som Sistema. Be ready to shake your bones till late as Victoria Line is running all night from Seven Sisters yeah!

    An evening of Music, Food and Wine.

    Because there’s really nothing like mixing all these three together, we’re back again with our fully “hedonistic” format of some of our previous music events. Along with the performances the evening will be filled with amazing range of Portuguese wines and Petiscos available.

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    Bones & Pearl
    60-68 Markfield Road
    N15 4QA
    (nearest tube station Seven Sisters)


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