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  • Paus + Filho da Mãe, Live Concert

    • Music
    • Saturday 11th January 2014
    • The Rose Lipman Building
    • Doors open - 6:30 pm
    PAUS and Filho da Mãe are two of the most interesting musical projects in Portugal at the moment and we're very proud to have them playing live in London.
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    PAUS breaks all moulds with their unusual formation: Two drummers that act as the motor of the band, bass and an arsenal of keyboards that create multiple textures of  sound, moving between experimental and pop with tropical influences, psychedelia and hints of the hardcore past of some of its members. One of Paus’ strengths is  undoubtedly the the intensity and brilliance of their Live performances. Having already played Primavera two years is a row, and opening for big names such as Health, Radiohed and Caribou this is the second time for Paus in London, and we have no doubt whatsoever that is is going to me a memorable one!

    Filho da Mãe

    We could drop you names like Carlos Paredes as an influence, but the truth is that it would only narrow what we can find here. You can listen Lisbon here, folk, blues,… everything blended in an extreme intense performance, always grabbing the guitar by its balls. Intense and moving!  His fingers effortlessly glide over his guitar, combining the techniques of mathcore with folk aesthetics to create his very own captivating brand of acoustic guitar mastery. After the debut, “Palácio” – released in 2011 -, Filho da Mãe brings to London his exciting new album “Cabeça”.


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