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  • Milhoes de Festa Launch Party: Memoria de Peixe + Dear Telephone

    • Music
    • Friday 9th May 2014
    • Power Lunches
    • pm - 7:30 pm
    We’ve proudly teamed up with our friends Lovers&Lollypops to bring Memória dePeixe and Dear Telephone, to celebrate Milhões de Festa upcoming 7th edition next July 2014!
  • Milhões de Festa Launch Party

    We’ve proudly teamed up with our friends Lovers&Lollypops to bring Memória dePeixe and Dear Telephone, to celebrate Milhões de Festa upcoming 7th edition next July 2014!

    Memória de Peixe+Dear Telephone - The Portuguese Conspiracy

    Milhoes de Festa 

    Seven years and counting. In its lucky seventh edition, Milhões de Festa is stepping up its game: from the fluffiest of pop to the heaviest and grooviest riffs of rock and metal,Barcelos, in northern Portugal, gets it all from the 24th to the 27th of July 2014.

    Since 2006 the festival has been ensuring its position as the main alternative event in the iberian music scene. With risky lineups, presenting names from the depths of South America to the Far East with a sure foot in the EuropeanAmerican axis of up and coming artists, Milhões de Festa is one of the last strongholds of true alternative culture, appealing to european audiences with a straight forward and relaxed environment — and yes, there is an open air pool with concerts and dj sets involved.

    Past editions have featured bands like The Fall, Electric Wizard, Anti Pop Consortium, Liars, EyeHateGod, Orange Goblin and Electrelane as main acts, with talents such as AltJ, El Guincho, Graveyard, Washed Out, Mikal Cronin, Jacco Gardner and Black Bombaim revealing themselves.

    As its audience, this festival is a one of a kind event — a summertime music festival to be experienced, from dusk to dawn. There’s no “attending” this festival…you have to, watch, eat, drink, live and breathe Milhões de Festa.

    Memória de Peixe

    Memoria de Peixe - The Portuguese Conspiracy

    Memória de Peixe literally translates to “fish memory”, the perfect name to sum a project based on creating songs with 8 second guitar loops and a drum kit.
    The sole guitar works rather as a enabler, adding eclectic layers of rhythmic, melodic and bass lines to their sound.Miguel Nicolau (guitar) and Marco Franco (drums) write mainly instrumental musical, a virtuous twist on the melodic approach to pop tunes, complex yet catchy.

    Despite writing pop music by the book, the self titled debut showcases a band capable of bending rules and broadening the frontiers of the concept of creating with tracks like the truly fun “Fishtank” and “7/4. Most importantly, tracks like “Estrela Morena” serves as a reminder that there is “song” in”songwriting”.

    Dear Telephone

    Dear Telephone - The Portuguese Conspiracy

    Founded in 2010, Dear Telephone are Graciela Coelho, André Simão and Ricardo Cibrão (partners in La La La Ressonance) and Pedro Oliveira (the drummer of Peixe:avião and Old Jerusalem).
    They were inspired by the 1976 short-film “Dear Phone” by Peter Greenaway, to express their will to decant soap operas and cheesy pocket paperback dramas through hard, frugal, minimalist compositions.

    Carl Sagan (The Band)

    Carl Sagan - The Portuguese Conspiracy


    “London 2129

    3 law-abiding citizens met and agreed they would tackle the mysterious concept of “transcendent improvisation rock” practiced by their ancestors, who admired an assortment of bands that went from Shellac to Melvins and from Kenny Rogers to Obituary. They acquired the required instruments from a local antique shop and found an old dungeon which they used to call “rehearsal room”. Once the first chords sounded they originated a black-hole that sucked them in and spat them back out into the streets of London in December 2012… They were lost and needed a way back home. But they were lucky enough to stumble into the teachings of Carl Sagan, the obscure 1980’s cosmic wizard, who hid the perfect sequence of notes in his writings. And so they agreed to try and break the code by playing randomly so that they can open that portal that can take them back to the future. Carl Sagan is, therefore, not a planned approach to music, it is an sonic attempt to decipher the mysteries of cosmic dimensional travelling.”

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