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  • IndieLisboa Film Sessions 2018

    • Film
    • Thursday 15th November 2018 - Friday 16th November 2018
    • The Castle Cinema, London (Homerton)
    • Thursday Session : - 8:30 pm
    • Friday Session: - 8:30 pm
    • 2 Day Tickets - £14.00 - One day - £8.50
    IndieLisboa Film Sessions are back to London! Two days of the best independent Portuguese cinema. In partnership with IndieLisboa Film Festival (screening with English subtitles) Buy Tickets
  • 15th November

    8:30 pm – Doors Open
    Food & Drinks available

    9.00 pm  “Flores”
    Jorge Jácome
    Fiction, 2017, Portugal, 26’

    In a natural crisis scenario, the entire population of Azores is forced to evict due to an uncontrolled plague of hydrangeas, a common flower in these islands.
    Two young soldiers, bound to the beauty of the landscape, guide us to the stories of sadness of those forced to leave and the inherent desire to resist by inhabiting the islands. The filmic wandering becomes a nostalgic and political reflection on territorial belonging and identity, and the roles we assume in the places we came from.

    9.30 pm “Colo”
    Teresa Villaverde
    Ficção 2017, Portugal, France, 135′

    Having picked up awards at Cannes, Venice, Valencia, and even the Golden Globes, Teresa Villaverde, one of Portugal’s most acclaimed directors, has presented “Colo” at the Berlinale official competition.
    Using the Portuguese word for “hug” as its title, the film starts with just that: a hug between two teenage lovers, though not a hug of fond tenderness, but rather one of sorrowful farewell, in an opening scene that will only later be explained as an integral part of the plot.

    “The film is a very present and almost serene reflection on our common path as European societies today, about our isolation, about our perplexity in the face of the difficulties that arise, about our life in the cities and within our families. It is a growing tension that never explodes.” (Teresa Villaverde)

    16th of November

    8:30 pm – Doors Open
    Food & Drinks available

    9.00 pm “War of The Worlds”
    Manuel Brito
    Animation, 2018, Portugal, 14′

    “… A general persuasion that through all the deep of space, no life existed beyond the petty surface of our minute sphere. Now we see further. Dim and wonderful is the vision I have conjured up in my mind of life spreading slowly from this little seedbed of the solar system throughout the inanimate vastness of sidereal space. Strange when i recall the time when I first saw it bright, clean cut, hard, and silent, under the dawn of that last… great day. “

    9.15 pm “The Dead” (Os Mortos)
    Gonçalo Robalo
    Documentary, 2018, Portugal, 28′


    The director remembers several of the his beloved family members who have deceased: The Dead.

    10.00 pm “Peregrinação” (Pilgrimage)
    João Botelho
    Fiction, 2018, Portugal, France, 105′
    Portuguese Nomination Oscars and Goya 2019


    Fernão Mendes Pinto worked on his book for 9 years in the 1570s, but it was only published posthumously in the 1614. ‘The Travels of Mendes Pinto’ is an unparalleled story and account of one of the greatest adventures ever lived. Based on book excerpts as well as true, verified events although others were only possibly experienced by this adventurer and writer throughout his life and work (as John Ford once exclaimed, ‘When the legend becomes fact, print the legend’), I present a literary adventure story and a musical epic poem.

    IndieLisboa Film Festival London Series is supported by Camões Institute.

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