Showcasing Music, Cinema, Short Films, Live music, Food, Wine, and everything in between, we're bound to contaminate East London with the richness and diversity of Portuguese Creativity.

  • Dead Combo + Norberto Lobo, Live Concert in London

    • Music
    • Friday 31st May 2013
    • The Round Chapel, Clapton
    • Doors open - 6:30 pm
    Dead Combo and Norberto Lobo represent the diversity and richness of a thriving contemporary Portuguese musical scene; Brilliant, non-conformist, explorative, and deeply "cinematographic" musical explorations, that together at the amazing scenario of Hackney's Round Chapel, are poised to transform the evening of the next 31st of May into a magical journey.
  • Dead Combo e Norberto Lobo - The Portuguese Conspiracy

    Dead Combo e Norberto Lobo – The Portuguese Conspiracy

    Dead Combo

    Sceneries of a lost past, the fado, the loiter western, all together in a voodoo of emotions, the Tagus river, misplaced lovers, abandoned angels in the crossroads of destiny, flowers with misplaced colours, saints, burning hot chambers, naked guitars, thrown on the street, double basses on fire, top hats, chickens on the loose and things that roll on the street.

    Norberto Lobo

    Norberto’s case is that of the artist-illusionist that suggests a ground zero for tradition, conjuring several ghosts while leaving them at his door step. It appears – only with a couple of albums under his belt – that he’s single-handedly changing the relationship between Portuguese music and the guitar. Not that his playing gets particularly insular or that he tries to hide his many influences, but there’s not much you can do when you feel like you’ve been exorcized just by listening.

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