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  • 4 x 3 – The Portuguese Conspiracy Mini Music Festival

    • Food&Wine ,   Music
    • Saturday 1st July 2017
    • Bones & Pearl
    • Doors open - 4:00 pm
    ...and we're back! 4 amazing concerts and after-party! Saturday, 1st July -  The Portuguese Conspiracy (mini) Music Festival. Get your Tickets - Buy Tickets
  • We’re back!
    Following an amazing first edition, our Mini Music Festival 4 x 3 happily returns  to the Bones & Pearl Gallery with a great line-up and an afternoon BBQ!

    Norberto Lobo (presenting new album ‘Muxama’)
    Mai Kino

    Dj Fitz & Dj Quesadilla

    Norberto ‘ Muxama’

    Norberto Lobo is a prodigious acoustic and electric guitar player. His profound reading of the most auspicious and melancholic melodies, has been deeply enriched by the harmonic depth & richness of the samba/bossa heritage (which he knows by heart), and his composition in both short and longer form is nothing short of remarkable – a sense of structure, narrative and storytelling completed by a total absence of any tics or theatrical antics, in which every turn is revised and remade for maximum fascination for both musician and audience.

    ‘Muxama’, is the newest accomplished chapter of Norberto’s artistic expression on guitar. The style and spirit that inhabit the 9 tracks of “Muxama”, composed pieces assembled intertwining the written and the improvised or chance aspect embraced while performing, guides us the ways of access to the harmony and the musicality inherent of otherworldly places, unidentified spaces where dream and myth make themselves heard, in each brief narrative, with their strange and obsessive voice. His most ‘electric’ album till date, Norberto now makes use of effects pedals and filters in real time so that with his mercurial technique can fine tune and give form to his musical ideas, offering an inspired prismatic dimension to the produced oeuvre, shaping notions of time, timbre and phrases in a brilliant manner, simultaneously classic and for coming.

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    Glockenwise ‘Heat’

    Glockenwise’s new album “HEAT” reminded us that rock’n’roll will never get old if young people like them find guitars more attractive than laptops, at least as far as making music is concerned.

    Contrary to their third record’s title, the Barcelos-based quartet seemed to get a bit darker this time. But if you ask them about it, they would seem as much surprised where their instruments took them as their fans are. They don’t plan, they don’t calculate, but just follow their instincts.
    The eponymous single off this record, “Heat” is still one of the most upbeat songs off the album, and a sufficient reason to book a ticket for their next show in your neighbourhood.

    Mai Kino ‘The Waves’

    Mai Kino is a London-via-Lisbon singer, songwriter and multimedia artist, whose magnetic voice brings out electronic music’s most fragile and organic side.

    Her EP ‘The Waves’, produced in session with Luke Smith (Foals, Petite Noir, Depeche Mode), has been heralded for its weird and hypnotic take on electronic pop with her core-shaking vocals, so utterly intriguing, at the forefront. Pigeons and Planes have heaped praise on the artist for her “powerful, beautiful, bare-boned” style.

    Duquesa ‘ Norte Litoral’

    Duquesa is Nuno Rodrigues, a young self-made man, translating his metamorphosis with flippant melodies and pop layers, easy to melt but that you won’t forget.

    With his new album “Norte Litoral’ we can feel his passion for the eighties transformed into todays pop sonority, where minimalist lyrics opens to stunning music arrangements and great melodies, driving us to landscapes as distant as familiar.

    Dj Fitz / Dj Quesadilla

    The power of DJ Fitz goes beyond just being able to spin. Mixing the most bouncy with the most melodic, the rough with the smooth, it’s impossible not to be taken aback by this eclectic mix of styles and beats.
    With gypsy tones and rhythmically driven bass-lines this is the kind of music you can’t help to dance to, even if you’ve never heard anything like it before.

    With the sweaty and psychedelic sounds of Lisbon Dj Quesadilla be ready to party!

    Music, Food and Wine.

    We can’t think of a better combination than enjoying some BBQ, beer, wines and great music with friends on a summer’s afternoon.
    Starting at 4 pm, we’ll have  an amazing range of Portuguese wines, beers and Petiscos available.

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    Bones & Pearl
    60-68 Markfield Road
    N15 4QA
    (nearest tube station Seven Sisters)


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