Cork and Ceramic Sugar Pot / Creamer

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Soul Mate products are designed for home daily life, integrating two Portuguese traditional materials, cork and earthenware.

This sugar pot and creamer are made from traditional Portuguese materials, earthenware ceramic and cork. They have holes in the top for easy filling, and spouts on the side for pouring.

Dimensions LxWxH: 8.6×7.2×11 cm

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Cork and Ceramic Sugar Pot / Creamer

“The Whistler” is the biggest and one of the oldest cork oak trees of the world and it´s located in the portuguese region of Alentejo. This special tree now gives name to this product range: a tea set in which cork embraces earthenware just like it embraces the wood in the cork oak tree, and shapes are inspired by the traditional pottery of Alentejo.

The Whistler Collection by Raquel Castro is a beautiful tea set that combines the softness of cork with the sturdiness of earthenware. The cork surrounds the bottom half of each of the vessels, adding texture but also taking advantage of corks insulating properties by placing it where the user holds the vessel and also where the majority of the tea sits. Perfectly protecting the hand while keeping your beverage warm! The removable cork bases are cleverly used as heat insulators, protecting your tabletop and hands from the heat.

About “Alma Gémea” (Soul Mate)

“Alma Gémea” could have been a love story between two different people, who despite theirs differences find both common and complementary characteristics, which build a stronger “one”.


Alma Gémea (Soul Mate) is the result of a continuous joint venture between Amorim  Cork Composites and Matceramica. The main goal in developing this product  collection was to join Matceramicas’ ceramics and Amorim Cork Composites’ cork exploring the potential of the Portuguese deep tradition on these materials within the universe of contemporary domestic needs. Above all, this project was intended as an engine for sharing and promoting product differentiation.



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