Poster Design by Sara Westermann

was it before…or after?

Our immediate reaction (when Sara sent us her first draft of the poster) was:

– “it’s exactly how we had imagined it to be.”
The fact is, we really hadn’t (up to that point) imagined or envisioned anything, nor did we discuss any specific briefing previously.

Somehow it resonated with, and reflected so much of our unspoken visions and expectations for what this poster should “say”, that I started having trouble distinguishing whether the “image” had somehow been imprinted (in my head) before we’d even seen it. From then onwards I wasn’t able to accurately pinpoint whether our “vision” had been previously determined, or was being shaped by the influence of this “image”.

As with any good story, the feeling this “image” invoked, irreversibly sealed the space-time continuum of our own narrative. It became an active participant and narrator of  the story itself. As with many other great design works, the poster seems to get a hold of you, pushing you back and forward between multiple layers of interpretation without relief.

We feel privileged by working with people such as Sara: The elegance of movement and “gestures” of work like this creates a transparent layer that silently represents the creator: It’s as if they weren’t there, but still you feel the presence of their intent and talent.

The entire piece was hand-drawn and silk screen printed by Sara herself at home. We asked her to send us some pictures of the making-of and proudly share them here with you all. We hope you feel (as we have) privileged for being part of it.

2Ever left your work out to dry ?

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The final result (and yes it’s Sara holding it herself :-)